Welcome to Glifo, a modern and efficient concern.

In order to achieve such results the Entrepreneur must skilfully coordinate all the business resources, among which the Production Engineering Department plays a key role. However the management of the Production Engineering Department involves some problems:

  • It must be made up of a flexible number of operators according to the business needs;
  • It must be in possession of a proper hardware & software support.

The Production Engineering Department involves a real investment; that is the reason why the modern Concern chooses more and more often to be partnered with an External Production Engineering Department like GLIFO.

GLIFO offers:

  • A staff of mechanical design engineers with a practical planning experience in diversified sectors;
  • Data processing support abreast with the latest versions;
  • Constantly updated Technical Documentation;
  • Flexibility in the cooperation relationship;

GLIFO s.r.l.
Via G. Di Vittorio, 1/A 25030 Adro (BS)
Tel. 030.7356204 - Fax 030.7356208
P. IVA: 02966040988

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